Vanik Reasoning vol I and II (EXCLUSIVE SSC)


Reasoning vol I and II (EXCLUSIVE SSC)

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“Reasoning Vol I and II” is an indispensable book for aspirants preparing for competitive exams such as SSC, OSSC, and Railway exams. Published by Vanik Publisher. This comprehensive two-volume set is designed to help candidates enhance their reasoning skills and excel in the reasoning section of these exams.

The book is divided into two volumes, each covering different aspects of reasoning. Volume I focuses on topics such as analogy, classification, coding-decoding, series, logical deduction, and more. It provides a detailed explanation of concepts. Along with numerous practice questions to reinforce learning. The volume also includes solved examples and shortcut techniques to help candidates solve problems efficiently.

Volume II builds upon the foundation laid in the first volume and covers topics like statement and argument, statement and course of action, cause and effect, logical puzzles, and more. It provides in-depth coverage of advanced reasoning concepts and includes a variety of practice exercises to improve problem-solving abilities. The book also offers tips and strategies to approach different types of reasoning questions and maximize performance in the exams.

What sets “Reasoning Vol I and II” apart is its clarity of explanation, extensive question bank, and emphasis on practical application. The book is authored by experts in the field of reasoning and also exam preparation. Ensuring high-quality content that aligns with the exam patterns and syllabus. Lastly it serves as a reliable guide for aspirants. Which help them build a strong foundation in reasoning and achieve success in their pursuit of government job opportunities.


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