Vanik ASO 30 Mock Practice set vol3

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ASO 30 Mock Practice set vol1

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ASO 30 Mock Practice Set Vol.3 by Vanik is a comprehensive and invaluable resource. It is for every individuals preparing for the Assam Secretariat Service examination. This book is designed to help aspirants familiarize themselves with the exam pattern, syllabus, and question types. Enabling them to boost their confidence and improve their performance.

The book offers a collection of 30 practice sets that closely resemble the actual ASO exam. Each set is carefully crafted by experts in the field. Also ensure the inclusion of relevant and updated content. These practice sets cover all the essential topics, including General English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, and Reasoning. It allow candidates to gauge their strengths and weaknesses in each area too.

One of the standout features of this book is the detailed solutions provided for each practice set. These solutions not only provide the correct answers but also offer comprehensive explanations, tips, and shortcuts to solve the questions efficiently. This facilitates a better understanding of the concepts and helps aspirants to enhance their problem-solving skills.

In addition to the practice sets, the book also includes previous years’ question papers and model papers. Which serve as additional practice material and give candidates an insight into the exam pattern and difficulty level. Moreover, the book is designed in a user-friendly manner, with a clear and concise presentation of information.

Overall, ASO 30 Mock Practice Set Vol.3 by Vanik Publisher is an indispensable tool for ASO aspirants. Lastly enabling them to assess their preparation, identify areas of improvement, and enhance their chances of success in the competitive ASO examination.


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